it’s uniform

Growing up I never gave a thought to how difficult it was for some people to access school uniform; it was something that I took for granted until recently when I did an assignment for the Dignitas Project in Kawangware, Nairobi. I came face to face with realities of poverty and it took me back to primary school where some children constantly had dirty and worn-out school uniform. What some teachers and students thought was carelessness could just have just been poverty. The Dignitas Project works with schools in informal settlements in Nairobi ( could see the joy in these children’s faces while receiving their first pair of new shoes and first set of new clothes. They were brand new and not hand-me-downs. Images of these children moved me and here I share them with you.


And the girls could not be left behind; education and smartness are surely a pair.


I couldn’t finish without capturing the little ones.


“Let’s fix that collar, shall we.”


“Here,let me help you tie your shoe laces.”


A school girl from class four receiving her school uniform package from a Dignitas Kenya staff.


One thought on “it’s uniform

  1. You are right, sometimes the means to dress up are just not there and it has nothing to do with one’s propensity for cleanliness

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