MPESA For Life

Most of us, if not all use MPESA for one thing or another, paying for utilities to making purchases at the duka, sending money to family etc.About 5 years ago Safaricom, the parent company of Mpesa launched a foundation in its name.The Mpesa foundation has helped improve maternity services in parts of Samburu by building a Maternity ward and purchasing much-needed equipment.This has improved lives of mothers and nursing children.One of the biggest help to the people in Samburu is the health mobile app that assists community health workers with records of mother and child while in the field, now it easy for community health workers to access health data from anywhere.

Patient data is put in during their first visit and at any time when they get a visit from the community health workers or do a visit to any public health facility.


kevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESAkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESA_maternal healthkevinouma_Kenya_documentary_Samburu_MPESA_maternal health

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