Ngong Road Forest sanctuary

You know,whenever most people think of a nice quiet forested area to visit in Nairobi,Ngong road forest never really comes up  as a first choice,mostly because people still think it is not a safe place.So last week Mwangi Kirubi a.k.a Mwarv of OneTouch media told us that his Friend Arune of Friends of Ngong Forest had invited us to go have a first hand feel of the place.Those of us who were available immediately got on board and experienced the Ngong road forest sanctuary through the able guidance of Nicholas Okach From Kenya Forest service.

The friends of Ngong Road forest intend on making it even better for visitors with clearly marked jogging trails,mountain bike trails,picnic sites and walkways.Currently section one has already been fenced off making it safe for visitors and there is plans to fence off other sections.As well as the nature trail one can get tree seedlings from the nursery within the sanctuary.I found it very relaxing albeit the amount of trekking one has to do,the best thing was that despite the high temperatures in the city,the forest provided for a very cool place to be,you wouldn’t feel the heat!

To get to section 4 of the forest, you  take the first left off the Northern Bypass just after the Ngong Road butterfly intersection.There is a gate by Kenya forest serve with officers very knowledgeable in the plant and bird life of the forest,they will assist you.

Here are some pictures from my perspective.


kevinouma_kenya kevin ouma,kenya kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-3 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-4 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-5 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-6 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-7 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-8 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-9 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-10 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-11 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-12 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-13 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-14 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-15 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-16 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-17 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-18 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-19 kevinouma_onetouchlive_ngongroadforest-20


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