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【QQEnglish】Marliza先生からのメッセージ(2021-11-28 16:00-16:30)


日付: 2021-11-28
時間: 16:00-16:30
教師: Marliza
カリキュラム: Smart Kids 3

Smart Kids 3 ------- Unit 2: Months and Date: Lesson 5. Phonics


  1. night
  2. tie
  3. boat
  4. window


  • The sound of vowel pairs:
  1. igh/ie
  2. oa/ow
  • i-g-h says igh, igh, igh, night, right
    i-e says ie, ie, ie, tie, lie
    o-a says oa, oa, oa, boat, goat
    o-w says ow, ow, ow, window, pillow

Song: Months of the Year

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