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【QQEnglish】Marliza先生からのメッセージ(2021-12-05 15:30-16:00)


日付: 2021-12-05
時間: 15:30-16:00
教師: Marliza
カリキュラム: Smart Kids 3

Smart Kids 3 ------- Unit 2: Months and Date: Lesson 6. Review Time


  • English ABCs: igh/ie/oa/ow
  • Vocabularies-Checking
  • In and On: the differences between "on" and "in"
  • The Date of Today: What''s the date today?
  • Date and Calendar:
    When is Children’s Day?
    When is Mom’s birthday?
  • Seasons and Months: seasons/months/weather
  • Reading and Thinking
  • Free Talk
  1. About seasons and months
  2. About Teacher’s Day
  3. Circle the third / the eighth / the twelfth triangle
  4. Who is wearing a … today?

Song: Months of the Year

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