About me

I know you are looking for a photographer in Kenya who will best capture the moments on your big day,lots of joy and laughter with all your guests,or someone who through reportage photography will Document what your project is all about and how lives are being changed.I am your photographer,drop me an email and i will get back to you by end of day.My style is largely reportage and i work all over East Africa doing wedding photography and NGO photography.


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. ok just stumbled upon this and her i am writing as in that’s the way it is,i am a photographer in love with my work and alway go to do great stuff.

  2. Your work is excellent, happy to have discovered. Great quality and so soulful. Just returned to Scandinavia after a few weeks in Kenya w a malaria elimination project. If in the future we can hire a pro in relation to this I would like to contact you + would be happy to forward your website and contact to some people. My compliments! Your photos made my day. /Sylvia

  3. Hey,
    Just stumbled upon your site but it seems not to be super active, you still shoot? Am from Kisumu/ living in the US now and would like a photographer this Dec during Nyombo and next year for the wedding as well.

    Hope to hear back from you!



  4. Please could you contact me for a quote to do some street photography in Nairobi that I would like to commission.

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