I Saw Light

This images like my previous post, form part of images I took while on assignment with UNDP (united nations development program) Kenya.The main brief of this assignment was to take images that depict Kenya, the land and the people in a beautiful way as well as provide UNDP Kenya with stock images that they can then use for their own internal publications.In this post, my subject is light, something that fascinates me a lot and I have come to love.  

UNDP Kenya

I have recently been involved in an assignment that meant taking pictures for about 30 days for UNDP Kenya,program work as well as images to add to their internal image bank.It was a very good experience and here are some of my favourite images from the assignment.

Reflection, The Series

I spent most of 2016 looking for a new way to tell stories, an abstract way that would provoke thought and awe.Hopefully in the process, be able to help myself and my audience view our surroundings differently, from mundane to art. I therefore after some research and self search i started experimenting with water puddles in my neighbourhood and wherever else i fund them.My world is full of water puddles’ pothole on the road, an uncovered man hole, water trenches ad many more.These images for part of a larger series that hopefully will have its own life. Please have a […]

Duka You Go To

I did an assignment that involved profiling duka owners in Nairobi’s informal settlements.This is part of a program that aims to empower small-scale duka operators.Most Kenyans earn a living directly or indirectly through the informal sector, recognising this, it helps to give basic business training as well as help with merchandising and linkages to manufacturers for better pricing.This is smart duka.  

AFDB In Malawi

Established in 1964, the African development bank was set up to promote economic and social efforts on the continent.This year I got to travel as a photographer on a team with a film crew to document their projects in Malawi where they are involved in a myriad poverty alleviation projects.The bank has a helped set up, fish processing plants in Chitekesa Lake Malawi, a fresh produce market, dairy cooling plant through a one cow per farmer project and a chicken peas processing unit. I got to meet and interact with many beneficiaries whose lives you could tell are being changed through […]

Cancer, A Case

There was a time when you could count on one hand the number of people who died or recovered from cancer in Kenya, either for the lack of statistics or no one came out.As we stand now, most families have had at least one person die from cancer, recovered from cancer or has been diagnosed with cancer.The cost of cancer treatment is expensive in most parts of the word so you can imagine how bad it is a developing country like Kenya.Faraja cancer support is a charity organisation that is working on raising funds to support cancer patients.Together with 5 […]

MPESA For Life

Most of us, if not all use MPESA for one thing or another, paying for utilities to making purchases at the duka, sending money to family etc.About 5 years ago Safaricom, the parent company of Mpesa launched a foundation in its name.The Mpesa foundation has helped improve maternity services in parts of Samburu by building a Maternity ward and purchasing much-needed equipment.This has improved lives of mothers and nursing children.One of the biggest help to the people in Samburu is the health mobile app that assists community health workers with records of mother and child while in the field, now […]

The White Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

Mogadishu, I did not know what to expect upon landing at the Aden Adde International Airport.I guess one has little expectations when all you have heard of a country is war and famine, but I chose to have an open mind and go with the flow. One thing that will hit you upon entering the city is the heat, of course expected of an ocean front city. I found a city rising from the ruins of conflict, commerce going on despite the fear of an Al Shabaab attack. Somalis know how to rebuild and rebuilding is going on in this […]

My Peace I Share With You

A few weeks ago I went down to Lake Victoria Kenya on the Island of Mfangano, the circumstances of my going were sad, to say the least, I went to lay to rest a loved one. This was not an easy trip, but in it, God was able to show me the beauty of His creation, this gave me peace, a peace that I choose to share with you.